Is Asado a traditional food of US?

From some countries such as Italia and Korea, now moving to United States is good deal to find different cuisines. As mentioned, every countries has its various kinds of cuisines, so when coming to this country, you will find Asado. This might like other meat, but when seeing the cooking process, you will know how it keeps on its taste. Even though this is very popular in Pampa, South America, but there is a surprised fact that you should know about this dish. Do you know what it is?

Finding in Pampa, South America does not mean this is a traditional food from this country, because this is from Argentina, Chili, Uruguay and Paraguay. Those are origin countries of Asado, so when you come to US and then find this dish, you will not recognize this as a traditional food of US. This is cooked by using barbecue techniques like other meat.


Fried and baked Empanada

I think Empanada is not hard to find at some countries because this is very common and easy to find, wherever you stay. Writing about cuisines from some countries makes me like travelling around world, so when you want to know more about different cuisine from different place, why do not you read my articles? This is also commonly called as pastel which is known as either bread or pastry which is stuffed by some ingredient choice such as meat and then cooked with different ways. Finding this food is easy because this is very popular in some countries such as, Latin America, the Latin Europe, Southwestern United States, and parts of Southeast Asia.

If you are person who is avoiding some fried food, now you can make baked Empanada, but you should not worry about the taste. Both fried and baked have same taste, so it does not matter to serve the baked one.